Come and play with Loki! 

Loki's ornament


Loki is a playful little guy, and he is very happy to play with you and your children! For that, he has been thinking of a ton of nice and fun activities to do with him!

His second idea is to create a Christmas ornament of himself disguised as Saint Nicholas! That little joker!

As you may know, Loki comes from the East of France, in a region called Lorraine. And in Lorraine, we celebrate Saint Nicholas’s day, on 6 December! A long time ago, when our grandparents were children, and Loki’s grandparents were puppies, Saint Nicholas’s day was as important as Christmas, and little children used to receive their gifts on that day!

So Loki, proud of his home region, thought it would be nice to do a colouring of himself as Saint Nicholas, and here we are!

Loki's colouring

So Loki insisted on trying two colouring pictures. He wanted to try different colours on, tanned or not. Of course, both look good (and we helped him once more, especially for the little details…)


Loki's ornament

Loki's ornament

To download the colouring, click here, and participate to our colouring competition on our Facebook page!

The winner will get the LOKI game of their choice! So what are you waiting for? Run to your printer!

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Stay tuned, because Loki will be back soon with more fun and creative activities! Yeay!