Come and play with Loki! 

game: guess the game behind the emojis


Loki is a playful little guy, and he is very happy to play with you and your children! For that, he has been thinking of a ton of nice and fun activities to do with him!

Loki was thinking and looking back at 2020, and the years before.

I have travelled a long way, and met a lot of different people and universes! I went to the pirates’ bay, visited a cave guarded by a dragon, took a break and ate an ice cream with children. Now, lots of new adventures are right there, waiting for me!

While he was remembering all his adventures, he started to doodle on a sheet of paper, with his little paws. So he had the idea of creating a little emoji game, in which you will have to guess which one of his games is hidden behind the emojis!

All you have to do is download and print your sheet and fill it with the answers, and show us the result! Loki will tell you if you guessed right!

emoji game loki


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Stay tuned, because Loki will be back soon with more fun and creative activities! Yeay!