Troll & Dragon

 Alexandre Emerit
 Paul Mafayon

MSRP: $19.99

Brave the big Troll and the terrible Dragon to gather the most treasures to your king and win the game!
But beware, the most you fill up your bag, the riskier it gets to wake up the monster and lose everything… Will you escape in time?


How to play:

At your turn, roll the dice of the Diamond Grotto. For each face with a diamond, snatch one. Watch out: when a Troll face appears, the dice is blocked, and you can’t roll it again. Each roll, you decide to re-roll to accumulate treasures or stop and add your loot to your bag. If all your dice are blocked, all the diamond you gathered will be stolen by the Troll! If you manage to make both the Door and Key faces appear, you enter the Treasure Cavern. When you do so, grab as many gold nuggets as possible before the other players awake the Dragon! If they do, they will share your own loot!

Key Points

  • Push-your-luck
  • Pretty gold nuggets and diamonds!
  • Frenetic game to also enjoy with the whole family!


60 Diamonds
50 Gold nuggets
5 adventure packs
1 Troll hand
8 Dice
1 rules
1 Monster den (the box itself)

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