Illustrator’s words

Jeremy Polonen

Magic Market : a magical game from 6 years old

Who is he?
Jeremy Polonen is an illustrator known in Canada for his unique style of digital illustrations produced with Pro Create.

Why did you accept this project?

When I first read the initial brief the idea of creating lots of creative objects for a flee market game already sounded fun, but it being a magical wizard theme just made it impossible to pass up.

Did you need to make some research to do the illustrations?

Lots of research was needed for the illustrations in the game. This largely took the form of finding lots of reference images to fully understand the components of the items purchased and sold at the market.

It’s hard to pin point inspiration, as it comes from almost all aspects of life, but  with this project it was hard not to be inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, in many ways it defined how we see wizards today.

What do you think about the theme of Magic Market?

I love the theme for Magic Market, there are almost endless wacky and whimsical possibilities for what could be found at a magical market. I’m glad we got to explore some of those magical items.

This was my first opportunity to work on a board game, and it’s still one of my favourite projects I’ve been apart of.


The final word?

I had a great time all the way through on this project. There were some long days and late nights but it was very satisfying work and I’m glad I got the opportunity to work on the project.